Intro. to R

Introduction to R

Course outline

This course gives an introduction to the use of the statistical software language R. R is a language for data analysis and graphics. This introduction course to R is aimed at beginners. The course covers data handling, graphics, mathematical functions and some statistical techniques.
R is for free and for more information you can visit the site

Target audience

Everybody who is interested in using the R programming language. You will learn how to write and manage your R scripts.


There are no prerequisites.

What to be covered

Day 1:

What is R? Data Structures, Functions, Basic Arithmetic, Data Manipulation

Day 2:

Interacting with and using R, Data Import and Export, Data Inspection and Summary Statistics


Day 3:

Graphs, Plots, and Tabulations, Statistical Methods: Continuous Data, Statistical Methods: Categorical Data and Time-to-Event Data


Day 4:

Finding, Installing, and Loading Additional Add-On Packages, Programming Structures and Flow Control


Day 5:

Generic, Method, and User-Written Functions, Advances and Miscellaneous Topics



Md Abu Manju, PhD (email:

Course Materials

The course material will be made available at the start of the course.