The aim of the Course is to:

  • provide an overview of how this type of financing is implemented;
  • have an appreciation of how infrastructure financing plays a crucial role in emerging markets;
  • typical issues that arise (which would be presented and discussed via simulated case studies – case studies would be in the Power, Metro, Solar Renewable, and Road Projects);
  • provide the uniqueness of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects and Infrastructure Projects implemented by Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs);
  • provide not just academics but draw from real life situations – by an industry professional who has been both a senior banker and then Head of Project Finance (a top-management position) of one of the largest Conglomerate in the space of infrastructure development in India;
  • acquire skills to identify, manage/mitigate and contract ‘risks’ associated with such Projects;
  • understanding the contractual structure of such projects and the requirements from both lenders and developer/sponsors’ perspective;
  • grapple with typical covenants (commercial terms) attached to such financing – the Class will ‘role play’ and discuss negotiate a typical Term Sheet (the Class would also be provided a session on negotiation strategy)
  • The topics that would be covered in the Course is indicated at Appendix.

Main Issues

 The major issues broadly in such financing are:

  • How is the viability of the Project determined and from whose point of view?
  • What are the various ‘risks’ and how it is managed?
  • Full Recourse or Limited Recourse or No recourse financing Models
  • What goes into determining the Project Cost and what are the financing Options