Dr. G. Robbani

The Hague University of Applied Sciences


  • All courses are of one-week long with 1.5 ECTS (exception: Basic Accounting for Beginners has 1.0 ECTS)
  • Course fee
    • Professionals: €500
    • Students & others: €400 
  • Deadline: 31 May 2018 (you should not make travel or accommodation arrangements before this date)
  • Venue: International Business School, The Hague. Rijswijkseweg 60, 2516 EH The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Time of the class: 9.00 - 16.00 hrs (class: 3 hours and individual/group work: 3 hours)


Courses on offer:


This is Dr. Robbani's 4th Summer School

The previous THREE schools were organized by Maastricht University. This year, it is being organized by Educare International at The Hague in the Netherlands. In 2016, our Finance course was over-subscribed. As per students' evaluation report, our course  was the most popular among all the courses at Maastricht Summer School. 

A unique style of teaching

We believe, summer school should be a place to learn with fun. In our style participants do not require to read the text book; although there will be text books available for participants to read. Because we follow Problem Based Learning (PBL) to make the sessions interesting, enjoyable and effective. We are confident that our style would be very effective due to the following three things:

Following problem based learning, first we deliver a background lecture; second, we work together on a problem; and finally we advise our participants to work on a similar problem. We integrate real world problems in the class so that our participants can have a clear view on how they might use their skills in real world. 

We create a lot of fun in the learning process. 'Learning by doing' makes the sessions less stressful and easy to follow for participants.

Additionally, every day we offer a prize-money to the best performer(s). As a result, each day ends up with some kind of fun and amusement.

Yup, this is surprising but true!

We do not offer any scholarship; but every day we would offer a prize-money to the best performing student(s). Therefore, students indeed can earn while they learn.